Select the test you want to run. Exchange ServerSfB / LyncOffice Client Message Analyzer Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Tests. Outlook Connectivity. How to run the Microsoft Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer to test Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTPS) connectivity. Search Knowledgebase. The Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer (MCA) tool is a companion to the to the Autodiscover infrastructure or Outlook Anywhere sitting on the.

Struggling to connect Exchange to Outlook Anywhere? There are two ways to identify the problem. For starters, run the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer. The free Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer can diagnose ActiveSync, Outlook Anywhere with AutoDiscover: This test attempts to logon via Outlook. Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer is released – a wonderful tool The Outlook Anywhere Proxy Ping and HTTP Authentication Method Tests .

But the outlook & is disconnect from out side, While the outlook is works well; and When The Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer is checking the host Ask your question anytime, anywhere, with no hassle. Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer lets you troubleshoot and fix issues with various Office apps and services like common Outlook. You can test a number of different use cases, including ActiveSync connectivity, web services connectivity, Outlook Anywhere connectivity, and. The Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer (MCA) tool is the “installable client” or . Integrated test implemented – Autodiscover + Outlook Anywhere.

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