How do you remove the flash hider on a HK91? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have done multiple searches on removing the HK flashhider and it doesn†™t appear to be that difficult (put in barrel vise, heat up, use. I have a new PTR, post ban with an "A2" style flash hider. I want to put a muzzle brake on it. Does the hider just screw off? It doesn't appear.

If you have a PTR91, then the clip is not essential. The photo above shows the grooves that the clip indexes with (HK91 style barrel). weapons ban, Century was forced to remove the original flash hider, the recoil and makes it more enjoyable to shoot compared to the Hk So I have a ptr and I wanted to remove the flash hider, a.) Because it needs a thorough cleaning, after firing it once it looks like there's.

HK91, G3, Flash Hider, Muzzle Brake, BFA, Blank Firing Adapter, Cap, HK, PTR91, German Parts, Surplus, RTG Parts. I have Googled the process and everything says that there is a pin that PTR uses to index the FH. However, mine does not have a pin. Is it just.

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