Editing comments. A comment can't be edited once it's submitted. Be sure to read and review your comment thoroughly before clicking the Post button. Learn how to post and delete comments on Yahoo news articles, stories, videos, and blogs. Comments can be deleted, but not edited. Was this article helpful?. Getting frustrated because you can't locate a great comment you posted a while back? Find out how to view the comments you've posted on Yahoo news articles .

Hi. We had Comments for years and could write / delete them. Now it is " Reactions", how do you SEE yours, and DELETE them if want, just like before with. I haven't written anything on here in years, although I have been lurking and reading. What I have done in my minimal spare time is answer a. I made some comments on some yahoo news article, I'm pretty sure somebody replied. And no notifications has came up, how can I view it?.

I'd go from one Yahoo article to another and notice that regardless of the subject matter, the first user comment was always the same -- at least. yahoo comments2. error”:{“description”:”Authorization Failed”,”detail”:{“content”:[“ The user does not have permissions to edit the comment”]}.

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