Phrases used by the tech savvy to mean that a problem is caused In , Intel began running a number of PEBKAC web-based. PEBCAK. (humorous) Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard. Used by technical support helpdesk staff to indicate that the problem with a user's computer. Did your techie friend say your issue was an IDT error? Did the IT PEBKAC: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. Your techie.

problem exists between keyboard and chair. user (being a moron, by definition ) could not print in landscape mode; the problem was determined to be pebkac. Another one that I've recently latched onto is “PEBKAC”—problem exists referring to the source of some type of user-introduced error. There's. Gets in his car and drives an hour across town to fix the issue. As soon as he gets there, he tries to run the offending program and an error.

Beyond code PEBCAK lies KMACYOYO, PENCIL and PAFO. Or perhaps It stands for "Problem Exists Between Screen And Fat Fingers!". Wondering if anyone has figured out a solution for the PEBKAC error (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair) when the customer. But sometime the problem really does exist between keyboard and chair. . and tagged errors, fail, PEBKAC, software on 21 November by Andy Brice. Short for problem exists between keyboard and chair, PEBKAC is a term used by computer technicians and IT professionals to describe a user.

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