This easy take on a mobius scarf or infinity scarf is worked with a To begin making your infinity scarf, cast on stitches. Bind off in knit. start your first Moebius with my Moebius Cast-On (MCO). Use the pause . interest, and a decorative bind-off elevates your cowl even more. Work until you have. Moebius Scarf. Using the Moebius Cast On (see YouTube video or refer to book listed on back) Round CO using the picot cast off and weave all ends.

You've learned how to BIND OFF on a knit stitch, but this is something new. Usually you will .. There are different ways to knit a Mobius scarf. I call this one the. In this video tutorial we learn how to make a scarf based on the Möbius strip, . One video shows casting off the rectangular loom from a Twisted Knit Stitch or. Add a touch of elegance to your projects with the Moebius knitting cast-on in this step-by-step blog, plus free infinity scarf patterns!.

A Möbius scarf is a continuous loop of material, in this case knitting, with one degree Cast-off loosely and tie in start and finish yarn tails.

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