Honda Odyssey can refer to three motor vehicles manufactured by Honda: Honda Odyssey (ATV), an all-terrain vehicle (—); Honda Odyssey ( minivan). The sales for the fourth generation of the Odyssey in the Japanese market started October. Honda Odyssey vans require automatic transmission fluid changes at 30, mile (48, km) intervals. Purchase the replacement transmission fluid. Where is the transmission filter located on my Honda Odyssey mini van?.

Honda RB3 Odyssey Review from Includes model range, K24A8 engine details, specifications, safety equipment, crash tests, features and updates. This page provides information on the HONDA DBA-RB3 / RB4 ODYSSEY. The information source is the Japanese brochure of the HONDA DBA-RB3 / RB4. Also called, Guangzhou-Honda Odyssey. Production, – Assembly, Sayama.

Engine & Performance. Engine. Engine Specification. Power (kW) – kW; Horsepower – hp; Horsepower – bhp; Rev. at Max Power.

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