The game will not generate a stronghold partially above-ground: any portion portal is replaced, which would force a player to find one of the other strongholds. There is no in-game way to find a stronghold, but you can use a cartography program like MCMap Live (Mac) or Cartograph G (Windows) (see. The Ender Portal is found within a stronghold, which is a large Ender Portal Frame blocks aren't actually obtainable via in-game methods, but.

Where to Find a Stronghold. In Minecraft, a stronghold is a structure that spawns naturally in the game. It is found underground and may spawn in nearly any. Strongholds are Generated Structures added in Update However sometimes the Player can dig around a Village Well and locate the Stronghold. . a World where there was supposed to be a Stronghold, it would crash the game. Even easier, there is a command in the game,. /locate I followed your strategy and managed to find the stronghold in just 2 eyes of ender.

In this Article:Article SummaryMaking Eyes of EnderFinding an End PortalUsing Two Eye Throws (Computer Edition Only)Finding a Stronghold Using Your. If the stronghold (and end portal) have been destroyed, do Ender Eyes . Minecraft is quirky and when you first load the game the ender eyes.

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