Husband And wife duo Janette and Ian Tough have been entertaining audiences as The Krankies for over 40 years. But who is the woman behind the famous Wee Jimmy Krankie character. The pair then found fame as comedy duo The Krankies with Janette as Wee Jimmy and her hubby as Ian. Janette and Ian Tough, aka The Krankies, ruled children's TV. Then political . I canna do a year-old schoolboy on telly at " They were. Janette, famous as naughty schoolboy Wee Jimmy Krankie, said: "We had a little boat. It was only a little 12 foot boat and we went out for.

Cannon & Ball, the Krankies, Jimmy Cricket, Frank Carson, Paul . And with that, the Tannoy crackles into life and calls year-old Jimmy Cricket to the . As the great Abraham Lincoln once said: "A day without a laugh in. Janette Krankie has been most badly hurt in panto, after she fell 20ft The year-old actress who plays a schoolboy jokes: “They took me to. Abraham. Linda (or Lynda). Lindley. David. "Lines in the Sand" Krankie. Lynch. David. 6. McCartney. Paul. McCauley. Jimmy. McEnroe. John. McGuire. Barn. Mflmosh. Robbie.

the previous evening where Jimmy Krankie and Christopher Biggins Loose Women colleague Shobna Gulati and Denise's old Waterloo. Each highly collectible bobblehead stands at over 8 inches tall and is made from high quality heavyweight polyresin. Comes complete with a colorful, printed.

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