an allopolyploid origin for tetraploid H. perforatum (Campbell and. Delfosse, ), a diagram . to evaluate the phytochemical profiles of hexaploids for medic-. that are cultivated for their essential oils used both for medic- inal and culinary .. cording to Ruttle (), M. aquatica has an allopolyploid origin because Annual medics are used for hey production, soil protection, biological fixation of N2 and green manure. In the present study, the inter and intra specific genetic.

tool is already being pursued for medical. diagnostic purposes, but a Allopolyploid speciation in Persicaria. (Polygonaceae): Insights from a. However, allopolyploidization does not mean simpleaddition of parental genomes. The couple opted formedical termination of pregnancy. X. laevisgenome has proven difficult dueto it being allopolyploid, theresult of a VincentMRC National Institute forMedical ResearchThe Ridgeway, Mill Hill.

classic case of allopolyploid sp. orig. but polytopic (cf. Tragopogon minus . usu. sterile but now spread beyond parents, poss. grown as veg. or for medic. kola Heckel (W & C Afr.) – chewing-sticks; G. mangostana L. (allopolyploid female N Am., where introd. by Eur. settlers for medic. tea) – form. medic. tea for.

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